Our Story

My name is Alanna and I’m married to my sweet husband, Chris. We have one little girl, Emmy, and hope to add more children in the future! We both grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and moved out west for school. We call Utah our home now and we love living in this beautiful state! 

There’s a story behind every business endeavor and I would love to share ours!

I was laid off in March due to the COVID-19 situation and I’ll be honest, I felt really lost and unsure what to do next. I went from being a full time working mom, to a full time stay at home mom for the first time. This was a tough transition. My daughter has always had a more difficult temperament — she is emotionally excitable and her mood can take a turn for the worse very quickly. Having to adjust to an entirely new norm was difficult for the both of us, nevertheless, I was determined to make the most of this time together!  

I slowly started putting together a schedule and including sensory and educational activities on a daily basis. Making and playing with play dough was one of her favorite sensory activities and kept her occupied for hours! Incorporating sensory play into our weekly schedule has helped improve her behavior in so many ways. She is much more happy than she is sad/mad and she has such a vivid imagination!  

I’m grateful for this time that we have been able to spend together and that this little girl has inspired me to create something I am passionate about and can share with others!